Stometi: Natural Bricks Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Stometi: Natural Bricks Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Bricks are an essential part of constructing any property as they make up the property’s foundation. Anybody would want to get the best choices for their home. The best quality bricks are made using state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge machinery, all of these features at an affordable price. Choosing the best quality bricks for your home is challenging with the many options available. But fret not! We are here to help. Let us understand in this blog the types and patterns of bricks that best suit your home and make it look aesthetically beautiful, functionally, and mechanically strong.

Types and Patterns of bricks

Fine Craft bricks

As the name suggests, these bricks appear like fine sand piled up by the wind, giving a feel of peace and a dynamic effect. It is best suited for a cool sensation in your bedroom or living room walls. The intricate pattern of this type of brick has a minute colour alteration which can be seen on close observation; this defines the amount of precision and work that it takes to build such a definite product.

Tivoli pattern

Tivoli is a natural brick designed by combining two or more textures of other stones. It is one such classy pattern that will diminish the appearance of brick; it will look more like a wall rather than bricks arranged, which is why it is preferably used for wall cladding to prevent damage. Tivoli-patterned bricks create a placebo effect similar to metal combined with glass. This texture is ideal for kitchen walls and countertops too.

Piedmont Pattern

Piedmont patterned bricks are the most commonly used pieces of stone bricks. It is unique and differs from other types of stones by its colour and texture. It can stand out in your home and is perfect for your living room.


Bricks are an integral part of building a dream house. Using natural bricks in your home can enhance the look of your home while maintaining the decorum and design of your home. This is because natural bricks are hard by nature and are suited to maintain the integrity of your house. Inspect and analyse parameters like strength, design, pattern, colour and contrast before selecting a brick for your dream home. If you are looking for ideal Natural Bricks Manufacturer In Ahmedabad, Stomenti is your saviour! Stomenti has some of the best designs that can work wonders for your home.

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