Stometi: Best Brick Cladding Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Stometi: Best Brick Cladding Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Wall Cladding is a process wherein one layer of the wall is layered with another to create a multilayer effect, like the skin layer. The cladding process is ideally used to prevent leakage by water seeping and cracks that may damage and weaken the entire wall structure, thereby causing harm to the people living inside. Cladding is used both for the interior and exterior of a building. There are various patterns of wall cladding. Let us understand a few of them in this blog.

Patterns of Wall Cladding

Optusion Square Pattern

Optusion Square is a 3D design that creates a form of illusion pattern. It is an extraordinary form of art that exhibits the artists’ versatility. Mostly it comes in 3 different colours, and you can choose it according to the ambience of your home. You can put up this wallpaper in the interior of your house to create an intriguing yet creative design.

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Brick Stone Cambridge Pattern

The classic brick stone pattern is ideal for your home if you want simple and elegant designs. This pattern exhibits the clear, crisp and skilled craftsmanship of the artists. The brick stone pattern is ideal for your living room designs, and the cool colours create a soothing living room atmosphere.

Richmond Pattern

Are you looking for options to provide a feeling of classiness and elegance in your home? Then Richmond pattern wall cladding is your saviour. The streets of the New York City metro heavily inspire the Richmond pattern. It is aesthetically beautiful and brings out a fresh vibe to your home.


Wall Cladding is extremely significant for homes as it enhances the home’s aesthetic beauty and ensures long-lasting interior and exterior walls protection from leakage, cracks, and severe damage. Are you tired of looking for types and patterns of wallpapers? Search no more! Look for options in Stomenti: The best brick cladding manufacturers in Ahmedabad. They own a comprehensive set of excellent designs best suited for your home.

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